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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 12, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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we have breaking news out of baltimore. six children unaccounted for after an early morning house fire. a maryland congressman says one of his staff members was involved in this tragedy. as the district gets ready for crowds like these on inauguration day. pro testers are also preparing. how one group plans to have their message heard. i know you felt it this morning. temperatures much warmer today and this afternoon very warm for this time of year. i'll show you the forecast plus a wintry mix heading our way for the weekend. >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us, i'm erika
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news out of baltimore. a massive house fire with six children unaccounted for. three other children and their mother were pulled out of the home. they are all in either serious or critical condition. brand-new this morning, maryland representative elijah cummings says the woman works for him. he released a statement saying my staff is a family and this unimaginable tragedy is shocking and heartbreaking to us all. jennifer fran yotty has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: here in northeast baltimore fire officials have just confirmed the nine children involved in the overnight fire are from the same family. as i step out of the way, you can see this home that caught fire after 12:30 last night here in the northeast section of town. four people were outside of the home when firefighters arrived. an adult female and three children. they have confirmed it's a mom and her three children taken to the hospital. two of those children now in
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also in critical condition and six children this morning are still unaccounted for. very early on the firefighters had to evacuate this house because of a collapse on the second floor and third floors. you can see by the light of day how the total top structure of this building completely caved in. they have been waiting for hours tore a crane to arrived which just arrived moments ago. they need this piece of equipment to start digging out the debris so they can locate the possible six missing children. they did hear from family members this morning, that six kids could have still been inside, range in age from 8 months old to 11 years old. all of the children total, 8 months to 11 years. a very tragic story in northeast baltimore. three children at the hospital along with their mother and six children are still missing. here in northeast baltimore, i'm jennifer franciotti. a packed loudoun county bus school was involved in a crash on
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leesburg, the sheriff's office says a cement truck crashed into the school bus and then left the scene. there were 54 students on the bus at the time of the crash. the students were put on a different bus and taken to school because nobody was hurt. the sheriff's office is now looking for a red and white cement truck. >> we're working to learn when a teenager will make his first court appearance on murder charges. yesterday montgomery county police arrested ank lo jackson for the deadly double stabbing. police say surveillance video shows angelo jackson stabbing two men inside the mall on tuesday. one of the victims has been identified as 24-year-old gomez, the second victim has not yet been identified. the 17-year-old is being charged as an adult. first on 4, a man who jumped over the white house fence will likely not
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joseph caputo, prosecutors plan to recommend the judge sentence him to three years probation and ban him from the district of columbia. caputo's lawyers say he was trying to call attention to the constitution. they agree, saying it borders on frif house. >> how long will this last, sheena? >> it's not going to last long but today enjoy it because this weekend we'll see big changes in the weather department. for now, 64 degrees already. i think some areas could get close to 70 this afternoon, especially farther south. by this afternoon, we'll continue to warm up, 67 degrees by 5:00 p.m. and even by 8:00 tonight, we should still be in the 60s. it's going to stay warm for the rest of the day today. it is short lived though. we have a weather alert for saturday, a wintry mix and cold weekend in the forecast.
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as we go into next week, temperatures get mild again. coming up, we'll talk more about the wintry mix and timing straight ahead. thank you, sheena. brand-new numbers from the tsa. record number of guns at checkpoints this past year, average about nine a day in total. they found 3,391 guns in carry-ons, four out of every five were loaded. the tsa also says concealed knives and even lipstick. >> big crowds and congestion for donald trump's inauguration. you should be prepared for extra people from january 19th through the 22nd. that means longer than usual wait times at airline ticket counters and security check points and on airport roads. all day parking will be available on january 20th at reagan national for
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reservations will be required and are limited to the first 1200 bookings. we have team coverage on the upcoming inauguration, another story we're watching, the protests that will take place. justin finch is live in northwest d.c. where some protesters just discussed some of their plans. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, those behind are trying to get their message out there as many avenues as possible, which includes a serious of permanent and not permanent rallies aimed at disrupting the inauguration. organizers are announcing plans for next week which opens with attend ee safety and training workshops and next thursday, an environmental rally followed by supporters showing up at the national press club to confront patrons of trump. now other nonpermitted events are also scheduled, including an lgbt dance party outside d.c. elect mike
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organizers say it will be a family friendly counter inauguration event and protesters are planning to block checkpoints along the mall and say the incoming in administration can look forward to more events like these. >> this is to set a stage for the next four years that this administration will be working very hard against us. and we're trying to set the tone for the next four years. >> reporter: and despite their actions, those behind it say they want to engage those who do not agree with them. it is a coalition of groups who don't agree with the incoming administration. back into you. >> thank you, justin. hours after president-elect trump gave his wide ranging news conference, the director of national intelligence says he told trump the intelligence community didn't leak information about an unverified memo. the
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claimed russia had compromising information about the president-elect. trump suggested the intelligence community was behind the leak in that news conference yesterday. this morning on "today," trump adviser kellyanne conway continued to suggest the same thing. >> the president-elect was happy to receive the call from mr. clapper, very happy that mr. clapper agrees with him, matt, that there should be no leaks. why intelligence officials or other people are leaking to the media rather than making sure that the president-elect and president obama himself are brieflied on sensitive information is really -- >> you just said it again -- >> director of national intelligence james clapper says he told trump the document was not the product of the intelligence community. >> right now federal confirmation hearings are underway on capitol hill. take a look here at live pictures of the confirmation hearing for retired general james mattis, he's trump's choice for secretary of dese
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described his priorities if he's confirmed. >> will be to strengthen military readiness, strengthen our alliances and bring business reforms to the department of defense. >> the hearing for cia director nominee congressman mike pompeio has been relocated to another room due to a power outage. he pledged to become a -- during warner's opening statement, he expressed concerns president-elect trump of the intelligence community. ben carson has been chosen to lead the department of housing and urban develop. . he sees hud as part of the solution for a strong community. the affordable care act is one step closer to being repealed. the senate reapproved a budget bill before 2:00
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it gives republican lawmakers the chance to begin working on ways to repeal the affordable care act. republicans in the senate have set a repeal could happen as early as this month. it's not clear whether that would be paired with a replacement to the law. this morning d.c. mayor bowser is celebrating the opening of the housing program designed to help end homelessness among veterans in d.c., the 14-story building near union station includes 124 efficiency apartments, 60 of them will be used to house homeless military veterans. no time to react. a look at how a tire ended up in the windshield of another vehicle. this happened on a very busy colorado interstate. >> and a list is growing again. ford announces new vehicles that will now be included in the huge
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it's hard to forget the shooting spree that spanned two shopping centers in montgomery county. charged with first degree murder for killing last may. he has a pre-trial hearing. if convicted, they are asking for the maximum possible en
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the possibility of parole. state's attorney john mccarthy spoke about this within the last hour. >> we have multiple deaths and we have completely innocent victims in this particular case that were selected at random because ever the sheer number of victims, the nature in which they became victimized, we thought it was appropriate. >> county prosecutors also say they want to use evidence against him accusing him of killing his wife in prince george's county the night before. but he has not been charged in that shooting. the trial begins in october. new this morning, ford is adding 816,000 vehicles to the growing takata air bag recall. it covers different model years of the mustang and fusion and lincoln models. you can find the information on the nbc washington app. the recall is among the latest round of takata recalls from 17 different automakers in the u.s.
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never happens while you're driving. two people are now recovering after a tire slammed into their suv's windshield yesterday. this happened on i-25 just north of denver. the thornton police department says a car in the northbound lane lost the loose tire and bounced into the southbound lanes and hit that suv. man, are they lucky. >> no kidding. >> a $2 million federal grant will help virginia eliminate its backlog of untested sexual assault kits. the state has been working since 2014 to test 2,000 backlogged kits. the grant money will be used to hire more staff to process the evidence and hopefully close rape cases that happened years ago. a new tracking system will also be created to make sure that all kits are tested. the state plans to provide more support services to survivors and more training for law enforcement as well. >> last week a man open fire inside an airport in ft. lauderdale killing five people.
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accused of the mass shooting but his motive remains a mystery. here's a connection between the mental illness and similar violent crimes. >> last week's mass shooting once again highlights the issue of severe mental illness and violence. josh joshua wooiner provides insight. thanks for joining us once again. >> sure. >> before talking about ft. lauderdale and the shooter in particular, it's important highlights they are rather the victims than the perpetrator. >> it is with the caveat. people with severe mental i willness are four to five times more likely to be the victims of crimes or violence than the general population. when you look at things like schizophrenia or psychotic disorders are more likely to perpetrate than the general population. the studies are a lie
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they are no more likely but other studies show in fact they are more likely. so there was one review done a couple of years ago people with schizophrenia, if untreated schizophrenia and in particular if it was combined with substance abuse problems, those people are nine times more likely to commit violence. >> and according to anchorage police, santiago went to the police in anchorage and said his mine was being controlled by u.s. intelligence and going through voluntary psychiatric evaluations. what types of conditions can lead a person to have delusional thoughts like this? >> there are a lot of different things if i were evaluating him that i would be considering. number one is he's the prime age for developing something like schizophrenia or pbipolar disorder. substance abuse problems, he also could have had severe sleep problems, chronic insomn
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someone goes several nights without sleeping, they will develop psychotic thinking. those are the big things i would be evaluating and seeing whether there's something to support one or the other. >> and the combination makes it worse? >> absolutely. in particular if you have any type of substance abuse problem or schizophrenia or by polar disorder and on top of that you stop sleeping, it becomes a big compounding mess and you're much more likely to develop this sort of psychotic thought process where you're out of touch with reality. >> he completed a ten-month tour in iraq between 2010 and 2011 and his aunt reported he was never the same after that. can ptsd also lead someone down this path that creates more issues? >> well, so when somebody has ptsd they are often times going to have problems with sleep difficulties. in that sense, yes. ptsd in and of itself does not cause somebody to have
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but if they are not sleeping or start self-medicating with drugs or alcohol to deal with the emotional challenges, you are sitting up a scenario where someone could develop psychotic thoughts or delusions. >> at what point is the voluntary admission into the hospital and when you're allowed to be released. there are a lot of questions when you're allowed to leave at one point, if somebody too dangerous for himself or the community to leave the hospital. >> this is the tricky thing. if somebody is clearly psychotic, that in and of itself is not grounds to hospitalize them against they are will. they can only be hospitalized against their will if you have reason to believe they are a danger to themselves or others. what you're trying to do as a psychiatrist. if you evaluate somebody like that in the emergency room, you warra want to help them and you're trying to encourage them to voluntarily sign themselves in. once somebody agrees and voluntarily sign themselves
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they can voluntarily sign themselves out. however, if you're in the hospital and then at that point the doctor believes that you are a risk to yourself or others, then they can pursue the grounds to keep you in there. this is a real issue -- you can't just hold somebody against your will. if you hold somebody, you need to go in front of a judge within 72 hours and convince that judge that that person needs to be held against their will. >> very fine line. thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> up next, allergy myths busted. four things you should know about food allergies that could make packing lunches a lot easier. sheena is back when we come back with what we could get and
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new stories of rescues in california, the rains won't let up. rivers and creeks are overflowing in one town 50 people were trapped in their homes and cars and had to be rescued overnight. near sacramento crews are working to rebuild roads that were just washed away in a flood. just incredible pictures there. for us a very different scenario, actually mild, 60-something degrees. >> going outside, i thought i don't need this puffy coat, i'll wait it but don't need it. >> it's such a nice change. this morning you might have needed a light jacket but this afternoon we can walk out like
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normal and comfortable. you're not going to need the jacket for the rest of the day today. temperatures are running about 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. feeling like spring. look at them now. 64 degrees in the district. fredericksburg at 66. i think some areas especially areas like fredericksburg could get close to 70 this afternoon. so in fact, it is an unseasonably warm day and look off to our west. petersberg coming in at 71 degrees. this is not going to last long. enjoy it. get out there if you can. your fitness forecast for the rest of the day today. temperatures staying in the 60s whether you're exercising ats 5:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m., we'll be in the 60s after the sunsets and we'll stay warm the remainder of the day. things will cool down a bit. 40s through most of the day tomorrow and then we go into the weekend. we have this area of wintry mix moving in. that's early saturday before the sun even comes up. by 7:00
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snow falling and accumulating in some areas too and that wintry mix continues to move through saturday afternoon. tapering off as we go into saturday evening. here's what it looks like so far north maryland and to the west, maybe 1 to 3 inches, we'll update later this afternoon. inch or less around the district itself with the icy mix too. 67 degrees today, unseasonably warm and breezy, but a big week in changes and mild as we go into next week. some of the nation's top doctors recently said patients can protect children from developing serious peanut allergies by eating peanut products. that goes against everything we have been told before. so dorian gentsleer checked out four things you need to know. >> we went in search of the facts versus the fiction at the allergy asthma center in rockville and start with the
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after new recommendations came out last week. myth buster number one, you can prevent allergies by avoiding certain foods. >> introduction early on around 4 to 6 months of age, those at high risk for peanut allergy, early introduction prevents peanut allergy by 80%. >> myth buster number two. you think you have a penicillin allergy. >> nine out of ten don't have it and you can outgrow penicillin allergy. youraler gift can do skin testing. >> myth buster number three, food allergy testing all works. >> if you get tested and it's negative, it's unlikely you have a food allergy. if it's positive and eat the food and get hives or wheezing within 15 to two hours after eating, there's a very unlikely chance it's a true food
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>> hives may mean you're an allergic reaction. >> trigger food within two hours to get the hives. if you don't eat the food it goes away. don't be scared if hives last for multiple days. >> it's always important to consult with your primary care doctor andaler gift for any concerns you may have. doreen gentzler, news 4. >> a generic brand of the epipen after last year's big price hike. we'll look at how much people can save. fans in los angeles will ave plenty of teams to cheer
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great news for families struggling to afford allergy medication. cvs will sell a generic version of epipen a sixth of its price after the maker came under fire for soaring prices to consumers. cvs will charge $109 for a two-pack of the authorized generic version and mylin's can cost $600 for one. it's used to stop potentially
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>> new problems tied to a massive washing machine recall. >> how dangerous some people say the simple task of doing the laundry has gotten. >> it sounds like it's going to -- >> going to burst. >> reporter: washing machines exploding. >> i'm totally scared. >> reporter: lids flying off. >> the top part completely on the floor blown off. thank god there was nobody in the room. probably could have killed somebody. >> reporter: samsung launching a massive nationwide recall back in november. millions of machines but now some consumers say they are boching that too. slow response times, missed appointments and weak fixes. >> i called numerous times and never get any calls back. >> samsung is making no effort to fix it. >> i want my $5.
11:32 am
at the time, these would have seriously hurt me. i'm scared every time i put clothes in mine. >> i'm afraid to do laundry because it could hurt my kids. >> reporter: this mother of three asked samsung for a full refund. >> and unfortunately only offered us $22 for a new washer. >> reporter: $22? >> or $122 if we opted to get another samsung washer which we don't really want. >> reporter: she chose the repair option but says it took multiple tries to get a repairman there. eventually he did work to secure the lid but even after that fix, samsung still telling consumers to apply this sticker, changing the settings. now you have to wash your bedding on the delicate cycle. >> it's not a long enough cycle, there's not enough water, you have to run three or four times to get a blanket clean. >> that's why you bought a washing machine? >> that's exactly why we bought this one. >> reporter: if you don't ow
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says the machine could still hurt you, sending along this warning. for bedding or bulky items, only use the bedding cycle. using any other cycle may cause the washer's top to suddenly detach from the machine causing serious injury. and this is after the fix. consumers have seen sued samsung in a proposed class action. >> reporter: what do you make of the response to the recall? >> it's a joke. it's a farce and it would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous. >> reporter: attorney lori andress is advising on the case. >> we have rules in this society. one of the rules is you broke it, you fix it. they are not fixing it. >> reporter: there are people who still have this washing machine in their house right now. >> and it's dangerous. these are ticking time bombs in people's homes. might go off on the next load. >> reporter: samsung telling nbc news, our priority is to reduce any safety risk and have repaired hundreds and thousands of machines. on average. they are serviced
11:34 am
business days with high rates of consumer satisfaction but britney isn't satisfied at all. she can't afford a new washing machine and needs samsung to step up. >> i would really like them to make it right and stand by their products and refund us for the machine we bought. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. if you're worried you may have one of these machines in our home, advivisit there's a link so you can tell samsung and let them know and see what your options are after that. well, it is official new, the chargers are moving from san diego to l.a. this is major news for the nfl. the announcements came in 15 minutes ago and comes after months of failed negotiations between the team and the city of san diego. in fact, in this video, you can see one fan egging the chargers head offices when he first got wind of the news and it's not clear
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but fans are pretty upset. >> very mature. as the inauguration approaches, so do the inaugural parties, one of the biggest task is finding the dress for the glitzy event. here's one way to look like a million bucks on a budget. >> reporter: the presidential inauguration, a time when everyone turns their attention to washington. a time when first ladies shine the brightest. >> my favorite first ladies i think jacqueline kennedy, of course, but we love the gown that she wore in 1961 to the inaugural ball. >> reporter: he knows fashion. he's associate style director at rent the runway georgetown. they are busy with customers wanting that elegant inaugural ball look for less. >> these green ones are kind of fun. >> it's a smart decision, we're not investing in
11:36 am
only wear once. >> this rents for $180. >> i love the sweetheart bodice. >> this retails $995 and rents $120. >> we're talking about savings from anywhere from 80 to 90%. >> and this is a great assignment for me because i too have to get a dress for the ball. all right, here we go. these are my three favorites. red, white, and green. decision,s, decisions. all right, so this may be the one. i love it but i really like the red one too. >> rent the runway's online store, 50,000 dresses and inauguration tab. online dresses are shipped in store gowns go right out the door. >> own your moment and then rereturn it for free. >> politics aside, the inauguration is a time to reflect on the old and usher in e
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even if it is a rental. in washington, news 4. she looked good in all of them. >> yes. >> all three. >> my favorite is the white one. i love the white one on her. >> i like the green. >> on the heels of president obama's fair well address, the first lady made her first late night appearance. she stopped by "the tonight show". >> mrs. obama had fun helping jimmy write his thank you notes and she made it pretty clear that she and her family are ready to leave 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> thank you inauguration day or as i like to call it, let's move. >> and after the thank you notes, stevie wonder serenaded the first lady with a medley of her favorite songs. >> very cool. >> that had to be pretty cool. >> coming up, we'll tell you the two regions caps d
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are celebrating this morning. >> you don't see this often in january after the break,
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the capitals are in seconds place after they beat the penguins last night. the highlights ovechkin. he hit a major milestone right there when he scored his 1,000th career point. he actually scored two goals in the game. he has a 29th most career goals of all time. if you can believe that. there are other people that have just as many if not more. >> friends there last night. >> nice, got to witness that. >> the line was just crazy out the door. it was unbelievable. >> i'm glad it's nice
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>> yes. >> you can do really anything you want outside today and don't really need a jacket at all. it feels very comfortable. if you want to be outside maybe have dinner outside or go for a walk outside, do it today because we'll see big changes as we go into the weekend. we're at 64 degrees right now in the district. look at the wind coming in at 24 miles an hour -- 23 miles an hour. that's a southwest wind. it's a windy day today but that direction, that wind direction is helping to usher in temperatures continuing in the 60s this afternoon. but as we go through the afternoon hours today we're going to keep warming to about the upper 60s. 64 degrees right now in the district. culpepper, 64 degrees, in you're in frederick, still in the 50s, but areas to the south will mostly be warming up close to 70. for today the high temperature is 67 degrees. tomorrow we're going to be in the mid-50s but that arrow showing that temperature through the day tomorrow will be getting cooler. that high probably going to be
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saturday we have a wintry mix moving in. we have a weather alert for saturday. temperatures as we go through the afternoon, staying unseasonably warm this time of year. tomorrow morning dry but we will be cooler than we are today. saturday there you see the wintry mix moving in. saturday morning snow, ice and areas of possibly sleet as well by 5:00 p.m., still continuing and evening starting to wind down. we could see around the district an inch or less with an icy mix farther north. we'll look at your ten-day coming up. >> grammy award winning musicians is bringing his talents to the kennedy center.
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♪ >> that's terance blanchard, five time grammy award winner and one of the most influential jazz musicians in the country. bud, not buddy, terrence blanchard is here to talk about this project. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about this new project. this is describe as a coming of age tale of a 10-year-old boy. tell me about that. >> el
11:46 am
opportunity, it's based off of a award winning book by christopher curtis. and it's about this kid who is in search for his father, his an orphan and trying to find himself like most of us want to know where we come from. he sets out on this journey and has an incredible -- he has multiple adventures throughout this entire tale. >> because we can say that i guess our hero of the story is a 10-year-old boy, is it safe to say this is for kids and for adults, this is a family. >> it's a family thing. it ranges from kids from 9 to -- >> it's a beautiful story about courage. and the kennedy center producing this thing, it falls right in line with what the kennedy center has been about in terms of dealing with courage and different aspirations in life. we were very proud of this entire thing. it's going to be exciting. >> you're responsible for the score and with this piece that
11:47 am
entails a live band. >> yes. >> is that any different? that has to make things a little different. >> it makes things very tricky because we're working on some things yesterday in terms of the timing between the music and the actors because musicians and actors they all do things very differently with each take. so we all have to listen to each other and be mindful. >> you've done things for movies as well. how would you say this compares in a theater to doing scores for movies. >> well, live performance is something you can't really beat. the thing that's great about this is the actors are going to be seated and moving around a little bit. we can't beat that. it's 3-d before 3-d was invented. >> how did you get into this? what was your start? >> i started to work with spike lee earlier but i grew up in a household where there was music. my fathera
11:48 am
always around different stage productions all my life. >> opera. >> yes. >> that's incredible. has that played a role in your career? >> it has. as a matter of fact i was commissioned to right an opera theater st. louis years ago and it's coming to the kennedy center in march with denise graves. >> of your time as a musician and composing work, is it hard question to say, can you pin down what your favorite works have been or what you've been most vested in? >> it's really hard to say. you feel like they are they all have a piece of you. the opera was one huge thing. some of the films i've done with spike, i did a film with george lucas called red tails. >> with george lucas. >> that was really amazing but this is something totally different for me. i've done broadway before but this is something for kids. and what we try to do with the music i've written is actually write it in such a w
11:49 am
this can travel around high schools all over the country. >> so understated, it's a privilege to be here with you. thanks for joining us today. please go out and see the show. terrence blanchard at the kennedy center and it runs through the 15th. >> sounds great. imagine eavesdropping on the average american family ahead of last year's election. the play taking on that subject just in time r the inafoug
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his film credits include the day after tomorrow and green lantern and jfk, her acting credits include "star trek the next generation". >> now the pair is coming together on stage at the kennedy center. aaron gilchrist spoke to them about a trio of plays. >> the scene from hungry, the first of three plays by tony winning playwright richard nelson. it kron kels the year of one family at three points across 2016. joining us with more at the kennedy center right now is jay o sanders and maryann plan plunket. >> hi. >> i know in this production you play a brother and sister-in-law on stage. real life though you are husband and wife. >> we are. >> does that make this sort of production easier or weirder, what? >> we're asked that a lot. we're actually -- w
11:53 am
were brother and sister and trying to portray husband and wife but -- >> no, because it's love all the way around and it's -- actually we're very good friends. >> the trust, the familiarity is familiarial, you know. that's what really plays. >> you have worked side by side before. >> yes, many times. >> tell us about the gabriels and the role you play in this family and this production? >> gabriels are a family and i'm -- he's a real gabriel, i'm married into the gabriels. >> she was married to my older brother who died. >> four months earlier. >> and i'm a doctor who came back to my husband's hometown to take care of him as he was dying and i let my medical license expire. so i'm sort of retired and trying to step out into life for the whole family.
11:54 am
service and year of mourning. >> year of surviving life. >> you mentioned this is taking place in an election year. how much is that a part of this production? >> it's what's outside the window. what's interesting is you become a fly on the wall to this family who are concerned with what's going on in their family as most people would be above politics and politics comes second. what you do is you get to know the family and these people and get involved with them and you hear them talk unguardedly about the political situation. most of it is questions. we're not pandering, we're not pushing ideas. we're not saying -- we're not being pundits. we're talking the way people in the audience talk and wondering about both sides, about all issues and mostly where do we fit in. >> each take place on a
11:55 am
day. march 4th. >> the day it opens, the day it opened. what did you expect takes place on september -- whatever day -- day in september. and women of a certain age takes place and opens on election day of this year. >> so that you see the eight months of the election cycle just as the audience recognizes and remembers back to coming forward to that moment and we never know in the course of the plays what happens. >> in the first play there's a line that hannah says about this is going to be a very long eight months. and by the final play, the eight months have been complete and -- >> you make the point there are probably families having similar conversations. this production is sort of like eavesdropping on a family during a political season. was that something that you feel is an intimate feel to the production while you're on stage? >> absolutely, the style of theater richard has created and this is our seventh play with
11:56 am
the style of playing is one of such intimacy that people are not used to seeing in the theater. we overlap as we talk. you hear things you didn't realize you were hearing because they are covered by other people, the way people actually talk. until you feel you don't feel you're in an audience. you feel that you're in the kitchen watching these people make a meal. >> microphones above the stage. so we don't speak louder than this. >> that's great. it sounds leak a really wonderful production. >> very -- thrilled to be part of it. a wonderful company. all of the other actors in the play -- >> we appreciate you coming in and sharing with us, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> and it's called "the gabriels election year in the life of one family" at the kennedy center through january 22nd. >> thank you, aaron. >> that's right, thank you very much. let's send it on over to sheena for a fal
11:57 am
>> temperatures today will be in the 60s, unseasonably warm this time of year, 67 degrees, we go into the weekend and we're looking at the 30s, we have an weather alert on saturday because of a wintry mix moving in. next weekend we get much more mild. enjoy the temperatures today because we have big changes heading into the weekend. next week looking ahead to inauguration week and temperatures mostly as of now in the 50s and we'll be watching for any rain chances too. back to you guys. >> thank you, sheena. this is it for news 4 midday. we're back on air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get the news and weather updates any time with our nbc washington app. until 4:00 this afternoon, have a great day, and we'll see you tomorrow morning as well, dark and early.
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stand by, everyone, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ isn't she lovely? isn't she wonderful ♪ ♪ isn't she special, she makes so many people happy ♪ ♪ serenading michelle obama. >> jimmy fall lon did the whole show to her, it was cute, they did thank you notes, they did catch phrase. here is the thank you note -- >> this dance, robot? i


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